x-files - i want to believe
Okay, I haven't watched the season finale yet. But what the fuck was that episode 5? WHAT WAS THAT??

Honestly, at this point I don't give a shit if they try to do another season. And that's so sad. I've been a fan of this show since _literally_ day one.

Maybe Chris Carter just needs to do a Lucas and pass it along to somebody else.

David Bowie
dw - 9 + rose
So, that happened. Not sure how to sort out my feelings right now.

I worshipped this dude like a god since I was like 15, and always thought I would weep tears of blood when he died. But I also just found out very recently about how he used to fuck middle schoolers back in the day. So now I'm not sure what my feelings are doing.

I guess the moral of the story is, cancer sucks, and don't put men on pedestals

Drink yourself into Middle Earth
drunk rat
Last night we attempted this Lord of the Rings drinking game.


Rule #1 alone will make you die. We pretty much said "fuck it" and drank nothing but water when it was time to leave Rivendell. I think that's why I'm not hung over today.

I am failing today...
darcy - yes i did
So I WAS going to replace my front tires on my lunch break today...

But I left the house without my wallet.
And without taking my morning meds.
And without my yogurt for lunch.

So I'm eating free cereal and getting ready to go see what I can buy with the 2.75 I scrounged from my purse/desk/car. Fingers crossed for some crackers and a jar of that stuff that's half peanut butter and half jelly.

sm - rei + usagi

She was perturbed that I was photographing comics for eBay instead of paying attention to her.
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Walking Dead's "black man quota"
community - abed
Every season of Walking Dead I think about their seeming "black man quota" - - it seems like there can't be more than one regular black character on the show at any given time. Lately I think they may have increased it to two - - I would say three but I feel like that's unlikely to last through the end of season 5. But generally, if they introduce one, another one is almost always going to die shortly thereafter, sometimes the same episode. (And if you want to get intersectional with it, the black characters are almost always men.)

Obviously I'm not the only one who's noticed this, and there are a lot of opinions:

The Walking Dead's Ongoing Black Man Problem

Danai Gurira, Who Plays Michonne, Says ‘The Walking Dead’ Isn’t Racist

Does 'The Walking Dead' have quota for number of black characters?

The Walking Dead: "Made To Suffer" review

But I don't see a lot of numbers thrown around. Has anybody done an actual study on this?
I keep thinking how interesting it would be to see a statistical breakdown of race on The Walking Dead. It's a pretty diverse show compared to a lot of stuff on TV (which is kind of sad), and I feel like the nature of the show, with the cast constantly being killed off & replaced, would lend itself to a lot of neat data.

Like, by race, what is the...
* ...percentage of the overall cast?
* ...average lifespan, by # of episodes?
* ...average speaking time? As in, did T-Dog have more than one line this episode?
And so on.

I'm picturing a lot of pie charts, and timelines with notes & averages. Would probably need to break it down by "main cast" vs. "supporting/guest characters" - not sure if that would be determined by # of episodes, or who appears in the title sequence, or what. I think most of the data could be gathered from the Walking Dead Wiki, though to dig deep (as far as dialogue/etc.) one would have to probably do a rewatch.

What do you think? Is this interesting to anybody else? What other data do you think would be good to gather, if I did some kind of project like this?
Looking at treatment of gender on the show would be interesting but I feel like it'd be more subjective, harder to quantify. Ageism I'm not sure about (I feel like, if anything, it'd go along with sexism), and queer representation, well, that's laughable. But I feel like there's a lot of interesting stuff about race on the show.

I just really like crunching numbers and talking about representation in media. And I need something to keep my brain happy while code compiles.

elaine cigar
I've been finding that the best way to motivate myself these days is accountability - - like joining challenges on Fitocracy, or scheduling creative meetings with friends where I NEED to have stuff ready by a certain date, or just telling people I'm working on something.

I'm setting realistic goals, and it's harder to ignore a deadline when it's a dealine I've set with somebody I care about / want to impress. (As opposed to a deadline I just set for myself, by myself.)

I've been doing good lately. I'm exercising more, I'm talking to people more, and getting more traction on projects I've been trying to make happen for a while.

But of course I've got that little failure demon poking at my brain, telling me how much it's going to SUCK if/when I let myself down and don't reach my goals. I'm trying my best to ignore it.

On a related note I really need to spend some time listing comic books on eBay tonight.

I'm doing stuff, Lori. THANGS
dw - 9 + rose
Got several irons in the fire right now.

* Day job is going pretty well. Being given more responsibilities and more opportunities to show off what I can do, and it's getting noticed. I feel like I've got about as much job security as anybody here can have (though admittedly that's not a lot).

* Every day, though, I think about how much I want to be out of here running my own business full-time. And I feel like some big things are going to happen in 2015. Stay tuned!

* Speaking of tuning in, a former coworker is wanting to start a podcast with me, and I'm kind of excited to see where it goes. We've got a title, theme, and the basic equipment, so right now we're putting together some outlines for stuff to talk about. The main focus is going to be gaming, though we'll also spend some time on animation & other media. Let me know if there's anything you'd be interested in hearing about on a geeky, feminist-leaning podcast!

ichabod nom nom
Jynxie and I have been getting into the Halloween spirit by watching as many horror movies as possible.

I watched a looooooooot of horror in my teens & early 20s, so I've got quite a collection. Jynxie hasn't seen nearly as many, so it's been fun showing her a lot of the "classics" for the first time.

So far we've done:

* The Amityville Horror
* Army of Darkness
* Blade
* Dracula 2000
* Friday the 13th
* Friday the 13th part 6
* Fright Night
* Halloween
* Halloween: H20
* House of 1000 Corpses
* House On Haunted Hill (1959)
* House On Haunted Hill (1999)
* I Know What You Did Last Summer
* Nightmare on Elm Street
* Texas Chainsaw 3D

I think that's everything?
The only one of these I hadn't already seen was Texas Chainsaw 3D, which I really enjoyed. It was a lot better than I expected.
Army of Darkness was particularly fun because we got to go see it in a movie theater.

Anybody have any suggestions for some we shouldn't miss? What are your favorite horror movies?
I've strongly recommended Candyman, Ravenous, Dead Alive, and the People Under the Stairs.
We watched Scream & Scream 2 recently, though ~technically~ I think that was in September.

We've also been watching the new episodes of Sleepy Hollow, Walking Dead, and American Horror Story, but that's business as usual.

At work I've been watching Goosebumps, since it's about to expire off Netflix. I never really got into it as a kid, so I haven't seen most of these. It's not a bad show, but it's no Eerie Indiana.

Sailor Moon icons!
sm - mars
Not mine, but somebody made a bunch of gorgeous icons from the Sailor Moon artbooks/manga. Had to share them here because I figured a few of you would be interested. Found them through _fandom_icons_.



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